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Producing Fertilizers with Recycled Phosphate

ICL Fertilizers Europe's goal is to replace phosphate rock with secondary phosphates. \ ICL is advancing in the process of developing the proper technologies and ICL's phosphate plant in Amsterdam and the water company, Waternet, which is The German Phosphorus Platform DPP is a network for the recovery of...

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Phosphorus recovery // REMONDIS Sustainability

Phosphorus is vital for our lives and so it is essential that it is recovered. REMONDIS has developed patented processes to do just this. The company has been testing this new process at a pilot plant in Hamburg Which means the 1.8 million tonnes of dry sewage sludge generated in Germany each year could be used...

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EasyMining´s Ash2Phos technology extracts phosphorus and

The Ash2Phos process can transform the sludge ash into a raw material for phosphorus extraction and thereby be a part of a circular solution for phosphorus...

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ESPP eNews

Swiss - German phosphorus recovery workshop and EU research and use of pyrite from another company's mine tailings to help process phosphate rock....

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How we make our fertilizer | Yara International

The limitation of this process is that the phosphate content of the fertilizer Ambès and Le Havre in France, Brunsbüttel and Rostock in Germany, Tertre in Unlike most fertilizer companies, we offer a complete range of crop nutrition products....

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