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Chemical Formulae for Minerals and Gems

Ba(Fe,Mn)2TiSi2O7(O,OH)2 Baghdadite Ca3(Zr,Ti)Si2O9 Bahianite Al5Sb3O14(OH)2 Baileychlore (Zn,Fe,Al,Mg)6(Si,Al)4O10(OH)8 BaiyuneboiteCe...

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Pumpellyite is a group of closely related sorosilicate minerals: pumpellyite-(Mg): Ca2MgAl2[(OH)2|SiO4|Si2O7]·(H2O); pumpellyite-(Fe2+):...

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Extraction of Mg(OH)2 from Mg silicate minerals with NaOH

The moles of dunite were estimated based on the chemical formula of forsterite, Mg2SiO4. For all series, the samples were prepared at different NaOH : H2O...

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Structure and properties of binder gels formed in the system

The raw materials used were Mg(OH)2 from Intermag Company Ltd (<95% purity), silica fume (SF) 181 (Microsilica 940-U, >90% SiO2) supplied by Elkem as an...

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Mineral Formulae

ORTHOSILICATES (NESOSILICATES). SHEET SILICATES (PHYLLOSILICATES). Forsterite, Mg2SiO4, Muscovite, KAl3Si3O10(OH)2. Fayalite, Fe2SiO4, Biotite...

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(Ca,Mg) 3(SO 4,CO 3) 2[Si(OH) 6] · 9H 2O (?). 'Cobalt-bearing Dolomite'; (Ca,Mg,Co)CO 3....

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